So what makes us different?

Firstly we are based in Oxford. All of our tutors live here, and the way tutorials are arranged and conducted is infused by our environment.

We are not an Oxford University College or an exclusive College, but we do want to make the most of our environment, and draw from where we are.

Thirdly, and most critically we aim to bring glory to the God who made us through our pursuit of knowledge and understanding, recognising that it is Jesus Christ who redeemed us for his purpose. We are a Christian College, and it is this dynamic environment that students are welcomed into.

Areas of focus of All Nations Tutorial College
  • A Levels and GCSEs
At present students can study a variety of A levels and GCSE subjects in preparation for University: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, French, German, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, RS and Sociology. Studying A levels and GCSEs can be a great supplement to class learning and improving one, two or even three grades or more is possible, if tutorials are applied.
  • English as a second language support

We can offer students support in their chosen A level subjects through the provision of English language teaching.This will usually be through the route of the IELTS examination, but other English language examinations can be accommodated.

  • Revision and catch up 

At Christmas and Easter we provide revision or catch up courses enabling students to make the most of the holiday season to improve on their grades, catch up on work they have missed, or are naturally behind on.

  • Guardianship
All overseas students arriving to study in the UK from overseas need a guardian if they are under 18. We provide guardians through a separate, but interlinked organisation named Oxford Guardian. Please click on the bar across the top to find out much more about the service we offer.

  • Life in Oxford study tour
Over the summer we run a great study tour geared towards helping students get a taste of study in Oxford and the educational opportunities available in the UK. More serious students  can even make use of the Oxford University library facilities, but there are a range of interesting tours, activities and learning opportunities from 12-adulthood. Click on the top left hand column to find out more.

Nick Bensted,

Founding Principal

M.A. (Oxon), B.A., CELTA

All Nations Tutorial College, Oxford