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Life in Oxford 2013


We are concerned to preserve the quality of our Tutorials at a price that is affordable, but do recognise that the price may still be too high for some. We may therefore provide some bursaries to those who value our work, but we are not under any obligation to do so.

 If you wish to be considered for this please contact the Principal on 0776700991.

 We also recommend that you read the following on the reasons why we have decided to do this.

 Why is intervention necessary into educational inequalities in Oxford?

Oxford University is an outstanding educational institution that attracts people far and wide. A significantly effective instrument in it’s success has been the tutorial. This has been recognised in a recent publication in which there was a contribution from a wide number of Oxford University tutors.

A significant number of Tutorial Colleges have emerged in the local area that have emulated the success of the tutorial method through an application to A levels, GCSEs and English as a second language. Not only has this benefited the local economy it has helped to extend the educational success of Oxford to a wider international audience of backgrounds and ages. This provides an opportunity to develop the concept of the tutorial in such a way that it comes to be increasingly prized and valued in the City of Oxford. All Nations Tutorial College is committed to this vision.

Educational failings in Oxfordshire highlight a challenge in the generally positive character of the success described above. Such failings are often related to educational inequalities. There is no reason why it should not be possible to encourage the development of the wider use of the tutorial in Oxford, and the continuing success of the University whilst also tackling the problem of inequalities. Part of the answer must be to offer the tutorial at a lower cost, but without losing any of the value. This is indeed the intention of the bursary scheme.