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Life in Oxford 2013

Dates & Fees

All course fees below are per hour per person:


All tutorials                     £50.00


2 per class                      £37.50 
3 per class                      £27.50
4 per class                      £15.00
5 per class                      £12.00
6 per class                      £10.00
7 and above                    £9.00

(+£5 per hour for Business English).

Supervised study time

Supervised study periods for those under 18 are available and are charged at £15 per hour.

Tutorial hour

As a tutorial college we require all longer-term students (more than 12 weeks) to undertake at least one tutorial hour per week. Short-term students are advised to take one tutorial hour during their time here.

Reductions for number of weeks staying

English language students only (see below)

 Lessons per week
 Number of weeks
 15 hours


The dates of terms will follow standard term dates for Oxfordshire schools, but tuition can be arranged in the holidays if required.

This detail is from one
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