English as a Second Language

Because the role of English is recognised as a key international language, the teaching of English plays a central role. Indeed all subjects are taught in English, and there are a variety of English language programs on offer. It is the conviction of the College that English is an exciting language to learn that can provide a rich means of relating to others.

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Nick Bensted has a great talent for teaching English to non-native speakers. In August 2006 and February 2007, I commissioned him to correct errors in my two different drafts on the history of modern Britain and Japan. Thanks to his valuable comments based upon the solid methodical ground, not only one of my draft were accepted in an academic essay collection to be published, but also my skill of English writing has improved very much. I strongly recommend Nick Bensted.


Shusaku Kanazawa, Associate Professor, Japan


"I really recommend to you the service...

...I am very pleased to make this testimonial about the excellent services that has planned, organized and implemented a unique tailor made English course for my son Luiz Eduardo Valente. Nick Bensted has all the excellent skills of an specialist teacher of English language for foreigners.

Yours sincerely, Carlos Eduardo Valente