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Life in Oxford 2013

English as a Second Language

Because the role of English is recognised as a key international language, the teaching of English plays a central role. Indeed all subjects are taught in English, and there are a variety of English language programs on offer. It is the conviction of the College that English is an exciting language to learn that can provide a rich means of relating to others.

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Staff at Jesus College, Oxford

Testimony from Rosangela Bolonhese

'Studying English is more exciting than
I expected, the more I study it becomes
more interesting. My English is improving day by day and my life quality too.
Many thanks Nick!'

Testimony from Tomaz Rabeda

'Improving English was the best thing
I have ever done. I have had English
lessons for three months twice a week...
Fully understanding orders...
means I am able to save time and
get more experience than before'.