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ANTC Oxford offers the following courses:

Please take a look at the courses provided below. If you need further information go to the home page and click
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Courses for Pastors

3 year diploma in Theology. Taught part time through tutorials and essays

3 year diploma in English language and ministry. Also
part time with a focus on the developing of English in a ministerial context.

A levels and GCSEs

A2, AS and GCSE: Preparation for University through
A levels. A range of GCSEs and A levels can be facilitated.

Courses may be taken in the following ways:

  • Two year course
  • Intensive one year course
  • Summer course to prepare you for the year ahead
  • Easter revision course


English for senior professionals: Tailor made courses for company directors
and senior managers.

English for post-graduates and academic visitors: Correction and assistance
with your English on academic theses.

English for Theology and RS: For those studying Theology and RS at an English
speaking University.

Business English: Courses from Intermediate through to Advanced, based on
the Market leader series.

Academic English: IELTS for University entrance

General English courses: General English: Beginner-Upper Intermediate

Summer English: courses for younger students over the summer holidays
including activities

Support to students

All students will be personally supported throughout their study via the network
of families and the tutorial structure of the college. Should students require it,
support for their Christian faith is also available through regular meetings.
Other faiths can be accommodated within the boundaries of the College's prior
commitment to Christianity.
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