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"I really recommend to you the service..."

I am very pleased to make this testimonial about the excellent services that has planned, organized and implemented a unique tailor made English course for my son Luiz Eduardo Valente. Nick Bensted has all the excellent skills of an specialist teacher of English language for foreigners.

Yours sincerely, Carlos Eduardo Valente

'Thank you for helping me with my A level RS exam. I got  an A on the paper you helped me with. Before my best mark was a C grade. I did much better on the paper I received help from you on. Thank you’.
A level RS student

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your e-mail….She improved her grades markedly…for Sociology…she got a B grade…which is a marked improvement.
Thanks again for the work you did with Billie and the support you gave her to improve her grades.
Best wishes, Alastair.

'My name is Anastasia. I have received some tutoring lessons for business. I was pretty familiar with the material, but not confident enough to sit the exam. In tutorial lessons, I have received personal help, lessons one on one gave me the opportunity to absorb as much information, and ask questions when they are needed. This system gives a great opportunity to increase your knowledge and become more confident in your abilities. I am very grateful to personal tuition, it gave me a new point of view on a subject. It helped me a lot with passing my exams, because the lessons included conversations as well as lectures, and verbal activity really does help you to remember the material. I would, definitely recommend this to another student!'
Testimonial: Nick Bensted has a great talent for teaching English to non-native speakers. In August 2006 and February 2007, I commissioned him to correct errors in my two different drafts on the history of modern Britain and Japan. Thanks to his valuable comments based upon the solid methodical ground, not only was one of my drafts accepted in an academic essay collection to be published, but also my skill of English writing has improved very much. I strongly recommend Nick Bensted.
Shusaku Kanazawa, Assistant Professor, Japan