3 year diploma in Applied Theology (part time)

  • English language test (if required)
  • Application form
  • Interview
  • Introduction to the study of Theology: methods and study tools


To raise a standard in theological education. 

To raise a people that are dedicated to the areas of evangelism, discipleship,
to church growth, and to the leadership of Christian organisations.


To apply theology to the revival of missionary leadership

The method of study will be via tutorials, essays, seminars and revival study weeks.


Year 1 Biblical studies
  • Term 1 Jesus and the gospels
  • Term 2 Old Testament 
  • Term 3 New testament  
Year 2 Introduction to theology and mission
  • Term 1 Biblical Theology
  • Term 2 Introduction to the Trinity and salvation history
  • Term 3 The attributes of God
Year 3 Development of theology and mission
  • Term 1 Systematic theology
  • Term 2 Christian leadership and church government
  • Term 3 Mission aims and focus