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 The completion of the first year of our Applied Theology course was crowned by the following testimony of Chinese evangelist David Xia on completion of an essay on the Trinity in the New Testament. The course is run over Skype.



Here is his testimony:

 'On the morning I laid down my work on the Trinity, it was the first time I was revealed by the grace of God that Jesus is indeed the true and only manifestation of the invisible almighty eternal One - nothing less but equivalent to The One in nature. It was not by rational speculation or academic research that I was led to this point for sure. I have to say that all along the time by that morning I was unable to 'think' through how Jesus the Son of God could be the very 'God' per se, and have been therefore holding a view of error that God the Father is 'in a superior and mightier position than Jesus', who acted merely as 'the ambassador' working out God's will and plan on earth.'


...In my cultural environment 'Academy' is manipulated and controlled by secular government and thus only serve for the purpose of the legitimacy and survival of the sovereign regime on earth. It is a complete different cultural case where the human freewill does not act at all, where in its counterpart West the human freewill has over-worked to such an extent that it does not give much way to inspirational revelation.

 David is now a student of Theology at Otago University, New Zealand and he will be completing the diploma and planting a church on his return, as agreed and God willing! The tutorial method is uniquely flexible to move with the life calling of the student.