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Life in Oxford 2013

What is the purpose of theology?

We believe our purpose of applying theology into church situations is a distinct approach.

With a broad range of denominations and cultures in our experience we aim not only to teach theology, but to expressly apply it as a missionary tool in ministerial context.

The purpose of theology for us is fourfold:

i) For God's glory and honour

ii) To teach and train those God has called

iii) To encourage church planting

iv) To encourage church growth

Many churches reach an impasse in terms of numbers in their congregation or influence in society. The problem could be intractable issues. As a developing Church College we aim to support in ministry as well in education.

Theological study cannot tackle the problems by itself, but it equips leaders with the tools to do so.

It is likely that vast energy and expenditure is wasted on church projects that are not generally aligned with the universal church. 
Again, an applied theology rather than a purely academic theology enables a realignment of thinking patterns. This means taking involvement in the local church seriously, and contrasting her with the wider and most general issues facing churches everywhere.